PHP and FreeTDS problem

Tasos Angelis tangelis at
Sat Oct 9 07:32:27 EDT 1999

Hello to all,

I have compiled FreeTDS and I managed to use it with PHP 3.0.12.
Then I written a script that makes a connection into an SQL server
and shows the data from a table.(using mssql_connect,mssql_select_db... etc)

This script works fine the first 4 times.
The 5th time I execute it, the mssql_connect reports it cannot connect into the server.
I also linked DBD-Sybase with Freetds and I written a perl script that manages to 
do the same thing. I can run the perl script as many times I want with no problem.
But after the PHP script fails to connect the perl sript fails also.
When I stop httpd and start it again the PHP can run another 4 times, and
the perl script as many as I want(until PHP script fails again).

I must say that I use RedHat 6.0 and the Apache that is included in RedHat 6.0(I think 1.3.6 version) .
Also I use PHP version 3.0.12 as an apache module.

I think that whole propblem has to do with the module setup of PHP.
Can anyone help me to get over it? 
I don't want to use the CGI version of PHP.

Tasos Angelis.
Web programmer.
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