SQSH questions

Jeff Driscoll jdriscol at gate.net
Sat Oct 9 01:02:34 EDT 1999

Questions somewhat unrelated to freetds - forgive me.

1.  Is there an active mailing list or support mechanism for SQSH?  The 
mailing list at sgi.com is non existant.

2.  Problems executing a SQL command from the command line.  What am I 
doing wrong?

This works:

[20] mssql..1> select count(*) from LOCFI;


(1 row affected)

This also works
$ cat jeff.sql
select count(*) from LOCFI;
$ sqsh -b -S mssql -U popeye -P spinach -i jeff.sql


(1 row affected)

But this doesn't:

$ sqsh -b -S mssql -U popeye -P spinach -C 'select count(*) from LOCFI;'

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