Connecting to Sybase on NT

Jeff Driscoll jdriscol at
Fri Oct 8 01:16:10 EDT 1999

On 10/07/99, ""Jeff Driscoll" <jdriscol at>" wrote:
> On 10/07/99, "Michael Peppler <mpeppler at>" wrote:
>  > $ cat /usr/local/freetds/interfaces
>  > symposium
>  >         query tcp ether 5000
>  >         master tcp ether 5000
> Is the first char there a tab?
I got it to work.  I changed the entry in the interfaces file to the 
following effectively changing the dot notation to a server name.

        query tcp ether symposium 5000
        master tcp ether symposium 5000

The root problem may be the following warning when compiling.  I mentioned 
this in a previous thread.

util.c: In function `lookup_host':
util.c:90: warning: passing arg 1 of `getservbyname' discards `const' from 
er target type

Here is the portion of the man page for getservbyname on dgux:

       struct servent *getservbyname(name, proto)
       char *name, *proto;

This is the man page for gethostbyname on dgux:

       struct hostent *gethostbyname(name)
       const char *name;

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