Connecting to Sybase on NT

Jeff Driscoll jdriscol at
Thu Oct 7 00:00:53 EDT 1999

> No. There is no default port. You need to check the interfaces file
> (or sql.ini) on the server to see what port it is listening to (or you 
> could use dsedit on the server)

Ok I have determined that the server is listening on port 5000.  I can 
connect to the server from my laptop using MS SQL Server 6.5 query 
analyzer. I can also telnet <server> 5000 and telnet connects.

$ echo $SYBASE

$ cat /usr/local/freetds/interfaces
        query tcp ether 5000
        master tcp ether 5000

I still get the connection failed message when starting sqsh:
$ sqsh -b -S symposium -U popeye -P sailorman
connect: Connection refused

I have also tried the -I option to sqsh to override the interfaces file - 
no luck.

Is the interfaces file setup properly?

Any suggestions of what to try next?

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