Minor update to remove warning

Mark Schaal mark at champ.tstonramp.com
Tue Oct 5 13:42:52 EDT 1999

> Mark,
> Quick question, should the setting of the local stuff be a copy instead of
> a pointer assignment? We had this problem in USERDATA and decided that
> "buffer" is not a permanent address.
> Brian

I think it probably should copy the data into the tds_login structure,
except that only has the language and char_set locale attributes.  Since
cs_loc_alloc() never creates a CS_LOCALE and since there is never a (CS_GET,
CS_LOC_PROP) passed to ct_con_props() by DBD::Sybase it shouldn't matter.
I wasn't trying to implement it, just get rid of the warning message and
leave things a little better off for the next person who works on it.

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