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Wed Apr 7 16:01:04 EDT 2004

<                     Doctor Fun is not on break.
>            Augh! Doctor Fun emergency break! See below!.
>    April 7, 2004 - Doctor Fun Emergency Break! Peeps Week is
>    Canceled! Well, sort of. This is an unplanned break. The next
>    planned break wasn't supposed to be until June, and a gigantic
>    Peeps Bonus was to be ready to go by this Sunday. So what's
>    going on? Good things, actually (no, I'm not having a baby).
>    As you may have heard, there have been rumors of a Doctor Fun
>    book, and the rumors are true. Unfortunately, through no
>    particular fault of anyone, the Doctor Fun book has been
>    drifting about in the Horse Latitudes for some time. But it's
>    drifting no more, in fact, there's a bit of a typhoon, and the
>    final, ready-to-go-to-press version of the book needs to be
>    ready next week. After all this time, of course the book is
>    all ready to go, right? Um, sort of. In a better, more
>    organized world, the book would be ready, but it's not quite
>    there, and I've got to get it done. Finishing the book does
>    not involve drawing anything new - just a lot of tedious
>    desktop publishing-type stuff, but stuff I need to do myself,
>    although since we changed the format to landscape I will
>    probably draw a new cover (maybe a bit punchier than the
>    proposed one). So, that's the way it is. I will finish out the
>    cartoons this week, but Doctor Fun will be off next week, and
>    the Peeps Special will run after the book is ready and I can
>    finish it, hopefully all by the end of next week, if not
>    sooner. Unfortunately, I don't have a supply of old cartoons
>    on standby ready to upload for these types of situations, so
>    it's cold turkey this time around. On the other hand, the
>    world is crying for a Doctor Fun book, right? Right. And lest
>    you complain too much, may I remind you that I have a day job.
>    And when will the book actually be available? No firm date
>    yet. Plan Nine Publishing is testing some new equipment and
>    production methods. I would think if the test is successful,
>    very soon.

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