[ANNOUNCEMENT] DPML SDK 1.0.4 maintenance update

Stephen McConnell mcconnell at dpml.net
Wed Nov 22 11:17:24 EST 2006

The DPML SDK 1.0.4 (maintenance update) is available.


The 1.0.4 release resolves a number of issues related to trial deployment
under Java SE6 (RC).  The updated runtime removes a couple of nasty issues
related to the correction of a bug in the URLClassLoader by Sun, resulting
in non-backward compatible behaviour.  I've tested changes against version
1.4 and the latest release candidate for 1.6 and everything is working fine.

For anyone running SE6 - running jconsole and linking it to a running
station will get a bunch of information about the transit runtime state.
Please note that the related transit-jmx package is not a formal part of the
distribution at this time (there is still a bunch of work to do concerning
dynamic part registration).

The 1.0.4 distribution also includes support for symbolic references in
test.properties files.

Cheers, Steve.

Stephen McConnell
mailto:mcconnell at dpml.net

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