RC5 available

Stephen McConnell mcconnell at dpml.net
Thu Mar 30 12:56:02 EST 2006

I've just posted a new snapshot - RC5. 

This includes the following recent changes:

  * Improvements to the metro commandline handler cli options
    (specifically the removal of the exec command option because
    the metro command only does one thing - execution of a 
    target uri).  The updated metro CLI invocation format is:

      metro -uri <uri>

  * Documentation on part and component XML schemas is now in
    place including:

      - the part XML schema
        (defining a plugin with <info>, <strategy>, and <classpath>)

      - the component XML scheme
        (a specialization of a part strategy)

  * Plus a bunch of document structure revisions aimed to make things
    more consistent and understandable (while recognizing that there 
    is a lot of room for improvement).

  * Build-time validation of artifact link references
    (resolving that embarrassing issue of the RC3 release that 
    contained an invalid link reference, and ensuring that it does 
    not happen again)
  * Module merging and nested module export - enabling the management
    of multiple but independent projects that share the same root
    module namespace.

With the publication of RC5 the shortlist of issue is down to the following:

  * resolving code that is currently 'component' aware as opposed to 
    'part' aware - basically this involves validating the station's 
    application deployment code with the objective of abstracting out 
    component concerns and through this enabling a generic part oriented
    approach to application deployment (meaning that it should not matter 
    if an application is based on a plugin or a component deployment 

  * the overall object model concerning depot process management - with
    the introduction of XML schema - the XML data used in part strategies
    (and the decoding tools) is the same across depot, transit and metro, 
    however - the internals use a static mapping of type id to processor
    implementation (e.g. a jar type in depot is configured to map to the 
    JarProcessor).  This needs to be evolved such that the build processor
    is resolved relative to the schema uri defining the produced type.  
    And it's the resolution of this subject will place Depot into the list 
    of viable generic tools for large scale build management.

Cheers, Steve.

Stephen McConnell
mailto:mcconnell at dpml.net

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