Ways to contribute.

Niclas Hedhman niclas at hedhman.org
Wed May 4 07:20:48 EDT 2005


Albert triggered a thought that it is perhaps not entirely clear in how many 
ways that people can contribute, if the urge arises.

Here is a small(?) list (in the order it comes to my mind);

 1. Feedback, questions and ideas to mailing lists.

 2. Active development of our technologies
        - Transit : http://www.dpml.net/transit/latest/index.html
        - Magic : http://www.dpml.net/magic/latest/index.html
        - Metro : http://www.dpml.net/metro/latest/index.html
        - Eclipse/IDEA plugins
        - Component search engine
        - Magic build farm
        - FT component strategies (Spring, Pico, Merlin)
        - FT system extensions (JMX, Jini )
        - Management/Deployment solutions
        - Distros

 3. Publishing of components that others can use, Planet.
      http://planet.dpml.net  (not operational yet)

 4. Bug reports, esp with a unittest exposing the issue,

 5. Rental of additional servers at 3rd party hosting companies.

 6. Paid consultancy tasks for DPML developers;
    - Public components for community use.
    - Private components for internal use.
    - Custom platform extensions.
    - Rushing (re-prioritize) particular feature(s) / product(s).
    - Integration with 3rd party products.
    - Training, bootstrapping and migration for teams.

 7. Documentation; outlining, proof-reading, language enhancements, 
    technical content, and more.

 8. Testing; procedures, automated test sequences, test coveraging
    reporting, unit tests and more.

 9. Scouts and Public Relations, spreading the word, keeping an eye out 
    for trends and interesting developments elsewhere, write articles,
    create PowerPoint presentations.

10. Infrastructure management, DNS, Jira, Subversion, repository, continuous
    integration and many more future infrastructure services needs management.

11. Software license donations.

12. Artists, creation of DPML art, icons and images used on the web site as
    well as inside the products.

13. Website design and development. Current website needs revamp from a 
    usability point of view. A modern, clean look is desirable, with the
    capacity to grow with content.


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