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Next Friday's durham3 is the last one until 
July (in April we are organizing poets for 
Culture Crawl but there will be no central 
event), so get yourself down to the Ooh La 
Latte and see a fiber arts show, film, poets, 
dance, a collaborative piece about Durham, an 
open mike, some snacks from Trin B'ago, and a 
kickin' set by Destroyed By Kittens, all for 
a 3$-5$ cover charge.  Info is below, contact 
me with questions.  And if you have something 
fabulous you want to add to the fiber arts 
show, let me know.


durham3 celebrates March and Women's History 
month with a multi-media celebration on 
Friday, March 18th at the Ooh La Latte, 1116 
Broad Street in Durham.  This month's focus 
will be an opening for a fiber arts show 
featuring the work of Amy Nolan, Sherri Wood, 
and others.  We'll also have the poetry of 
Randall Williams and Ken Rumble, a dance 
group from Ninth Street Dance, a film by Jim 
Haverkamp and Joyce Ventimiglia, and a 
collaborative work exploring the essence of 
Durham by Tanya Olson, April Walton, and Joe 
Rizzolo.  After open mike, we'll have a 
reception for the fiber artists and everyone 
is invited to stick around for a hip-moving, 
soul-expanding set from Durham favorites, 
Destroyed By Kittens.  Doors will open at 
7:30, show begins at 8:00. There's a 3$-5$ 
sliding cover and open mike will be first 
come, first served.  For directions, see the 
Ooh La Latte's website (www.oohlalatte.com) 
or give them a call at 286-0650.  For other 
information, contact Tanya Olson at 
olson at vgcc.edu Amy Nolan at 
amycnolan at hotmail.com or visit the durham3 
website at http://durham3.blogspot.com
durham3 is sponsored in part by Carolina Wren 
Press. (http://carolinawrenpress.org/index.php3)

Randall Williams- Randall Williams is a poet, 
social activist and filmmaker living near 
Hillsborough, North Carolina. His writing has 
appeared in Word For/Word, McSweeneys, Salon 
and the Independent Weekly. He is currently 
working on the
campaign to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq 
and local efforts to fend off Senate Bill 8 
and House Bill 55, two discriminatory pieces 
of legislation which would constitutionally 
ban many legal protections for same-sex couples.

Ken Rumble- Ken Rumble is the director of the 
Desert City Poetry Series and list 
administrator of the
Lucifer Poetics Group.  His poems have been 
published in Parakeet, Word For/Word, Effing 
Magazine, Sidereality,
NoTell Motel, Sugar Mule, VeRT, and others. 
He collects books of poetry by Leonard Nimoy.

Sherri Wood- Sherri Wood, b. 1964, Hammond, 
IN, has lived in the south her entire life. 
She has a B.A. in English from Bethany 
College, WV, a Masters of Theological Studies 
from Emory University and an MFA in Sculpture 
from Bard College. Residencies include the 
Headlands Center for the Arts, and Penland 
School of Craft. Her work has been exhibited 
at the San Francisco Museum of Folk Art & 
Craft, the Southeastern Center for 
Contemporary Art and the North Carolina 
Museum of Art. She began making 
improvisational quilts in1993. Today she 
resides in Durham, North Carolina where, as 
part of her studio practice, she works with 
people who are grieving to make functional 
improvisational quilts from the clothing of 
the deceased. Some of her projects including 
the Tattoo Baby Doll Project can be viewed at 

Linda Thurber/Amy Nolan- Teaching herself to 
crochet at the age of nine, Linda Thurber is 
a self-made
crafty woman. A mother of 2 and grandmother 
of 3, Linda is a vital part of her family. 
She has passed the tradition of crocheting to 
her youngest daughter, Amy Nolan, who is also 
apart of this show. Linda is an avid
quilter, knitter, and enjoys sewing.  Amy 
enjoys making large structures out of yarn 
that take up a lot of space.

Jim Haverkamp- Jim Haverkamp is an 
award-winning filmmaker and editor who lives 
in Durham, North Carolina. He is co-producer 
and co-editor of the film Monster Road, a 
feature length documentary that has won 
numerous awards, including Best Documentary 
at the Slamdance Film festival. His short 
films have shown in festivals across the 
country, and he was awarded a Filmmaking 
Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts 
Council in 2000. He is a former organizer of 
the Flicker Film Festival in Chapel Hill, and 
also plays harmonium and guitar in the Durham 
band the Holy Roman Empire.

Joyce Ventimiglia- Joyce Ventimiglia is an 
award-winning filmmaker whose work has shown 
at numerous national and international film 
festivals. She has taught video production at 
Raleigh Community Access TV, currently works 
as a producer/director of educational videos 
for the North Carolina School of Science & 
Math, and plays guitar in the Durham rock 
band, the Holy Roman Empire.

Tanya Olson/April Walton/Joe Rizzolo- Tanya 
Olson is a poet who helps co-ordinate durham3 
and teaches at Vance- Granville Community 
College and the North Carolina Governor's 
School.  As Learning Outreach Coordinator at 
the Center for Documentary Studies, April 
Walton is exposed to lots of interesting 
projects from around the world. She is 
currently working on an art installation 
video project about memory.  Joe Rizzolo is a 
musician, writer, actor, and metal sculptor. 
  He lives in a farmhouse in Bahama, North 
Carolina.  All of them love Durham and 
believe that Durham should, indeed, love 

Sue Williamson-  I started knitting when I 
was around 11 years old.  As far as I 
remember, my mother taught me the basics then 
I joined a knitting group at a local yarn 
shop.  I'm really into using different and
interesting yarn combinations.  I like to 
knit fun, non-challenging, and eclectic 

9th Street Dance- Ninth Street Dance believes 
everyone can enjoy and benefit from learning 
to dance. Not a studio for professional 
dancers, they invite anyone who would like to 
explore new ways of moving and inhabiting 
their bodies to join us. They provide a 
nurturing, non-threatening environment in 
which dancers and non-dancers of any age, 
shape or gender can learn to feel more at 
home in their bodies and experience the joys 
of movement.  See 

Destroyed By Kittens- Destroyed By Kittens 
are a Durham-based rock 3-piece. They are 
heavy on the harmonies, known to smash 
piñatas, and provide subtitles for their 
songs.  See what they are all about at 

  durham3 is a series of multi-media events 
that bring together a variety of artists. 
The series is interested in using the 
physical and psychological thirdspace 
qualities of Durham to foster collaboration 
between artistic communities in Durham and 
the Triangle.  Ultimately, this series would 
also like to aid Durham in defining its own 
artistic identity.  Towards that end, each 
event will feature poets, performers, spoken 
words artists, visual artists, musicians, and 
dancers from across the Triangle.  Each event 
will also highlight an original, 
collaborative work from 2 or more artists in 
the Triangle and merchandise from the series, 
the work of local artists, and a broadsheet 
featuring the work of that night's artists 
will be available at each event.

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