[Compostteas] nutrient analysis of teas

Lloyd Charles lcharles at webfront.net.au
Sat Jun 22 04:12:22 EDT 2002

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From:  Carole Eddington
Subject: [Compostteas] nutrient analysis of teas

> Hi all,
> Has anyone done a complete nutrient analysis of their tea?  I have a
> vineyard we are working with, and we thought of adding any additional
> nutrients specific to their program to the teas not in the tank but as we
> fill their drums  so they can use the tea for their entire fertilizing
> program and get it all done in one shot.  Is anyone already doing this?
> I am wondering if anything if we add (basic nutrients) might be
> harmful to our microorganisms or if we should do this in two separate
> steps like they do now?
> Carole Eddington

>  Hi Carole and Listers
Naturals work fine in mixes like this - molasses, fish, kelp, humates - in
small quantities
We have used small amounts (up to max of 1.5 kg/ha) of calcium nitrate-(not
with kelp)  OR tech grade MAP (not both) and everything seems to work
ok -but not tested - dont put metallic trace elements into these mixes - its
disastrous - and always do a jar test mix first - there are all sorts of
strange things happen in mixes - keep records - mix order is important too
Effective foliar fertilising works as an energetic and stimulating excercise
NOT a supply of soluble nutrients thats why it took fifty years of farmers
doing it before the agriboffins figured out that it just might work !
Regards all,
Lloyd Charles

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