[Compostteas] Honey &

Scott Alexander daylily at bigpond.com
Wed Jun 19 22:21:29 EDT 2002

I don't think I'd use the Manuka honey I buy from New Zealand in a compost
tea. It is anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, and antibiotic. Cuts, scratches and
burns heal very very quickly.
Might be good to kill all those e-coli though! :-))

The numbers in my  48 hour brew changed considerably. Total bacteria down
from 13210 at 24 hours to 1413 ( I can't fathom that out but all will be
revealed when Elaine writes a report) , and Total fungi up from 2.52 to
8.55. Now i wonder if a 72 hour brew would give me more fungi.
At 44 hours the froth almost disappeared and the tea was almost odourless. I
have never seen that happen before.

I spotted a few dead aphids on one plant but can't be sure whether they
drowned, died of old age, were affected by a fungi that was already there,
or died as a result of the tea. At the end of the next brew  I'll try to be
more "scientific".

Scott Alexander.

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