[Compostteas] Silver Colloid and empty messages

m.norsen at attbi.com m.norsen at attbi.com
Wed Jun 19 00:57:20 EDT 2002

Silver colloid is well described on the internet.  I 
have used and made it for years, 2.5 gallons at a time.
It has worked wonders n all bu the nasty sinus infection 
I have right now.  Din't know why it hasn't worked this 
time.  Wonderful on pink eye and probably on any 
microbes in TEA.  I gave some to Elaine  but hae not 
heard any reports.  she is fully occupied.

Please let me know if this message is empty. If the 
messages are getting through there are other subjects.  
Also what about messages to you ndividually?  another 
Address?  Bob  

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