[Compostteas] HELENA SAPONYN

Tom Jaszewski tomj at lvcm.com
Fri Jun 14 08:48:33 EDT 2002

Here is the answer from Helena Chemical....


I did some checking to make sure I was correct in my statements to you. The
manufacturer of our materials is OMRI listed.  The material is approved for
use by organic farmers.

Helena did not choose to maintain an OMRI certification for this product or
several others. Instead, we have chosen to address the issue by referring to
the National Standards. This is the only practical manner we can provide
customers nationwide with organically approved materials.

There are techniques that have been developed to chemically extract saponin
from plants and trees. Saponin is a widely used material in areas (
biotech )
that require very pure and exact extractions. This is not the case with

Saponin in our product is extracted by pressing Yucca logs and is then
concentrated to the 20% level..

Hope this assists. if you have any further questions, please let me know.

Tom Piatkowski

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