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> First, what has worked to increase fungi in your teas?
> Second, what have people tested? 

Good question Jeff,.  Bacteria is easy for me also BUT I want fungi for soil 
drench.  Helena Saponyn has given me the highest measured fungal - 5.5 which 
is still just so-so.  As Elaine has said it foams wildly (as I found out!!) 
so I add at the end of brewing for soil application which might not help tea 
fungal growth that much but it does get into soil and help soil fungal growth 
(I hope).  Certain oils are said to reduce foaming but didn't much for me.

In Chattanooga I heard Elaine say that Dramm Liquid fish "grows fungi like 
mad" but results so far are inconclusive for me.

So for now Saponyn but difficult to use during brewing process.

I'd like to see a list from best to just so-so for fungal growth. Maybe we 
can get to it.
Dan, Long Mountain Vineyard
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