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Fri Jun 7 17:19:36 EDT 2002

The standard dilution rate?  Hmmmm. THE FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO IS TEST
YOUR TEA RECIPE. If your tea is good you only need 5 gallons per acre. You
can dilute it all you want, just make sure you are getting the entire five
gallons on one acre.

Next, what are you using the tea for?  Restoring, fixing or maintaining.
Restoring? I use it undiluted.

You can apply teas with a watering can, a bucket, a sprayer.  Usually it
depends on what you are doing.

Lawns, foliar: Spray witha sprayer. The key here is low pressure (below 70
psi for sure) and screened tea so the system doesn't clog.

Row Crops, annuals: a cup or two to each plant. Also foliar spray

Trees:  Foliar, soil drench with a watering can or spray the area under the
tree and out a foot or two beyond the drip line.
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