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Tue Jun 4 21:50:57 EDT 2002

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You can buy protozoa in a dormant state from Holmes Enviro.  Good diversity of protozoa, in a powdered form.  The carrier is an organic N source as well, I understand.

The e-mail address is:  holmesenviro at attbi.com

i'll probably put out mor e information about this next month in the e-zine/

Hope this helps!

Elaine Ingham

Does anyone have any experience growing protozoa to apply to post-compost
tea applied areas?

I've grown them using straw in water but it occurs to me that the mix
becomes anaerobic quickly and that I have anaerobic protozoa.   That doesn't
bother me, but I don't want to apply the stuff to my lawn.  So I am going to
start a bucket bubbler with straw and water to grow aerobic protozoa. Any
advice from folks?



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