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Lmvine1 at cs.com Lmvine1 at cs.com
Tue Jun 4 11:12:55 EDT 2002

Hi all. Below is excerpt from an exchange between Elaine and I regarding 
compost after a CT analysis that showed poor fungi from another source.  I 
have XX out the names of the compost suppliers but they are both on SFI list. 
 BTW I had my compost tested and it was in good range.  Note the info on 
compost maturity.  Any idea about "extract humic acids from the material 
(worm compost)" in the last line?  DL

Lmvine1 at cs.com wrote: 
Compost: Both my thermal (cow manure/leaves) and vermicompost smell "earthy" 
and had reasonable numbers in report 92675.  The EXXXX compost and a sample 
of FXXXX compost I have both have very little odor.  Does the lack of odor 
mean anything? 
Any other suggestions to get the fungi up? 
Dan Lynch, Long Mountain Vineyard

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info at soilfoodweb.com writes:

> Hi Dan - Your compost looks like it is good stuff.  I like the earthy odor, 
> indicates more life. No smell typically means pretty mature compost, and 
> for tea you want slightly immature, still active compost.  Seems you might 
> have really good fungi in your compost too. To get the fungi happier, you 
> might want to use some Ascophyllum nodosum.  Humic acids.  If you have any 
> worm castings or worm compost available to you, you can extract the humic 
> acids from that material to use in the tea. Hope this helps - Elaine 

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