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laura_s at vaxxine.com laura_s at vaxxine.com
Mon Jun 3 22:01:19 EDT 2002

Just received the results from my second sample, really fast thanks Elaine
and other SFIers! 
Looks alot better, higher fungal counts, which I attribute to adding humates. 

Questions on results
active bact was 85.8  --- in good range 
total bact biomass was 2112 - with a comment that this could be too high
is the difference between active and total "sleeping" bacteria or dead ones ? 
could this result from brewing too long ? 

I'm currently working with 2 barrels. One is made fresh each batch , the
other contains a starter culture kept going from the previous batch (like
sour dough bread). To the started barrel I had more water and food on the
basis that the microbes are there now and just need to be maintained. I
keep the pump and air stones running. Comments ? 

Hyphal Diameter 
2.5 on my test 
test comments indicate 2.5 to be mainly ascomcete community 
with 3.0 or higher being the Basidiomycete which we are shooting for. 
So how do I tweak my tea / compost to produce the larger type ? habitat?
food ? pH? temp?

Laura Sabourin
Feast of Fields Inc
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