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Mon Jun 3 09:58:03 EDT 2002

Hi to all,

In response to Daniel in thinking about long term effects of EM versus 
CT (quality of tea benefits or harm). I keep making the analogy of the 
whole food (CT) versus the extracted vitamin (EM).  We are learning that 
eating a whole food may be more beneficial than just the extracted 
vitamin in human feeding.  So wouldn't the same follow in soil and 
plant feeding?  I am learning that we can only identify and count about 
5 -10% of the micoorganisms that are present in our soils and tea 
(help me out here Elaine is I am getting off track) - so we are 
measuring at the most 10% of what is happening.  So we have an 
indication, a good guesstimate.  But all the other 90% are unknown, but 
probably a very important integral part of the whole soilfoodweb that 
makes the system (Mother Nature) work her magic.  When we try to 
extract the Bugs in a Bottle (as someone called it) we can only put in 
what we know and what can be bottled, put to sleep in spore form.  It's 
like our whole body works when we have all our parts TOGETHER, but 
take our arms isolated and alone and they don't work.

Well I gotta admit we are extacting when we make tea, but we are trying 
to extract the WHOLE COMMUNITY of microorganism present in our 
starting materials, known and unknown, not just isolated 

And just to throw in the philosophical there is more life force energy 
(internal and radiating) when the thing is whole versus in an altered 

Sorry I get very adament about this topic.  

Carole Eddington

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