[Compostteas] Re: Doc Ing-HAM and the feeding rate

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Mon Jul 29 09:06:01 EDT 2002

> Frank is correct.  And thank you Frank for pointing it out.  The name is an English one, not Norwegian.

I'm a ham......   An Ing-ham.  Thank you for getting it straight.  Although, I'm bad with names too, so I can't get bent out of shape if people don't catch the "h" instead of an "r".

Yes, the feeding drip is an excellent idea in the summer.  Not needed when temperatures are cool, but in the summer, it may be a very good idea.

Please test, though, as you try this out to make certain we still get good organism numbers, ok?

Testing from a small operations' point of view is as follows:

1.  Brew the tea the way you want to test, and record color, smell, temperature, foam, and feel.

2.  Brew a second time, and if you get the same results (color, smell, temperature, foam and feel), then send a tea in to determine total and active bacteria, total and active fungi (about $83 if you fill out the submission form and send it with the sample and payment).

3.  If you have good organisms numbers, you're set.  If things are too low, we will work with you (you get 15 minutes of FREE consultation with SFI each time you sample) to figure out what went haywire and how to improve it.  You go back to step 1 and try again.

You should, fairly inexpensively, get to the point where you are making good tea.  Maybe once a year, when you start up in the spring, you test your tea with SFI just to make sure the tea maker is doing a good job, nothings plugged, messed up, etc.



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