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Mon Jul 29 08:46:55 EDT 2002

> Hi The Grahams -

What exactly is corn gluten?

It is a complex carbon food resource, which is...... fungal food.  Manufacturers add a fair amount of nitrogen to it, so that as the fungi, and some bacteria, use it as a food resource, they don't tie up all the of nitrogen in your soil and kill all your plants.

What's the correct ratio of nitrogen to balance the high C material?   Do you suppose the makers of the product checked this out before they sold it?  The balance used for the lawn is correct ratio for the grasses you want, IF.....

If you have a healthy foodweb in your lawn.  But, the ratio is correct for grass.  Not perennial plants.

What if all the organisms in your soil were killed, or dormant, or sick?  Will addition of corn gluten work then?  No.  Corn gluten is just a food resource for the organisms that should be there.  Hard to see good results if you don't have the organisms present in the soil to do the work for you.  So, with the corn gluten you should?  Right, apply tea so you have the needed organisms
to do the job.

So, will addition of corn gluten to tea be useful?  It should feed fungi, correct?  The excess N will be taken up by the bacteria and fungi.  Once in the soil, as long as you have the protozoa adn beneficial nematodes and microarthropods, that N will be cycled into plant available forms.

But what is the form of N in corn gluten?  Will that N help Fusarium or Rhizoctonia?  Nitrate helps the Fusarium, ammonium helps Rhizotonia.  Better not be either of those forms.....

More questions?  Please e-mail.....


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