[Compostteas] Fungal Weedicide

Graeme Gerrard ggerrard at resonant.com.au
Sun Jul 28 09:37:46 EDT 2002

Hi All,
Where I live Kikuyu (maybe it is called quackgrass or crabgrass in 
North America) was introduced about a 120 years ago and now dominates 
the entire region (this is dairy country).  Conventional farmers use 
Roundup by the gallon - often spraying 100 acre paddocks to kill the 
kikuyu before resowing with other pasture grasses.  This practise 
must be carried out every few years because the kikuyu simply 
reinfests the pasture.

I have read that kikuyu is killed by a fungus called kikuyu yellows 
(Verrucalvas flavofaciens), which apparently is spread by water borne 
spores. So, my question is, would it be possible to brew this fungus 
in a CT and spray it on kikuyu as a kind of weedicide in place of 
Roundup?  Apparently V. flavofaciens is specific to kikuyu.
Has anybody here tried this or could offer info or suggestions.
Graeme Gerrard
ggerrard at resonant.com.au

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