[Compostteas] Re: Nutrients and brewing Tea

Carole Eddington eddington at lvcm.com
Fri Jul 26 12:16:31 EDT 2002

Dear Perry,

We have done the active and total bacteria and fungi, every once in a while,
we found our bacteria were consistently okay no matter what recipe we used.
So we have been concentrating on just active and total fungi the hardest for
us to keep up.  We also just ran the full spectrum of protozoa recently and
will do some more of that.  Your composts that you put in can also be tested
so you know what you are starting with.  Our research is for information
about tea brewing, tea recipes and machine development.  We have informal
testing of our tea and dry mix at a 2 acre nursery, a large greenhouse and
outdoor nursery, a demonstration vegetable garden, and a vineyard, and a
University did some work with our products also.  Check your salts in the
chicken manure, make sure there is nothing added which can hurt

Carole Eddington 

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