[Compostteas] Would it be possible to demonstrate a professionally-made tea maker at a county fair this August 21st?

Merla Barberie herbnmerla at supersat2.net
Tue Jul 23 11:59:21 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I have been a lurker on this list so far because I have a lot to learn
about compost tea making.  We are only at the 4 gallon bucket filled
with BD compost and water stage now which still helps a lot.  My
co-worker in our gardening system, "Green," is now a member of this list
too and I'm sure we will  get an aerator and perfect our inputs.

I have a booth at the county fair called "Why Organic?" and I would love
to demonstrate a professional compost tea maker and give out materials
on making CTs.  I cannot afford to buy one myself and the funds for the
booth go to reproduce handouts. We have plastic 55 gallon drums and
could rig somthing, but it would be so much more convincing if we had a
professional-looking machine and gave handouts on how to "do it
yourself."  It would get the concept out there for those selling
machines and would attract more people to the booth to see the new toy.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to do this?  Green and my husband
are the mechanical geniuses on this homestead, and I am the
conceptualizer, seedling raiser and outreacher.



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