[Compostteas] how much energy is too much and a simple tea machine.....

Carole Eddington eddington at lvcm.com
Sun Jul 21 10:34:04 EDT 2002

Hi Jeff,

Great question. Agitation and aeration are two different things.  We need
enough agitation or force to pull (extract) the microorganisms from the
compost, but not too much to smash them, a fine line. However much cfm your
aeration device gives out must be divided by the number of diffusers you are
using (there are even more mathematical factors engineers put in for
distance of pipes, pipe diameters, head loss, etc.), then you know how much
cfm you have per device. What is your cfm Jeff in your tank above your
aeration diffusers? Do you have any type of holder for your tea ingredients?
What is the cfm there?  And we need enough aeration to provide the oxygen to
keep them alive, Elaine recommends maintaining oxygen levels above 6
throughout the whole brew, to keep the anaerobic ones from dominating.

Carole Eddington

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