[Compostteas] compost tea pH

Carole Eddington eddington at lvcm.com
Sun Jul 21 10:22:05 EDT 2002

Great question Scott?  Elaine recommends around 7 pH would be ideal. We are
starting with 8.4 water over here.  We are finding that we can get the water
there before adding the brew with citric acid or vinegar, but the minute we
add the ingredients it jumps up again.  So we have been getting the water
real low (4-5) before adding ingredients, then when we add the ingredients
it jumps up to the 6.5-7 point immediately.  It takes a lot of vinegar or
citric acid to lower 8.4 well water down in 500 gallons.  What does the
vinegar or citric acid do for our microorganisms?  During the brew our pH
goes up again, I have tried adding more citric acid during the brew to bring
it down again - but do not think it is a good idea.  Elaine does it hurt our
microorganisms if we add vinegar or citric acid during the brew?  Paul
Wagner at SFI in NY says he has seen great fungal numbers at really high pH.
Thanks for bringing this up Scott.

Carole Eddington

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