[Compostteas] A report on the system and perhaps a fix...

Lloyd Charles lcharles at webfront.net.au
Thu Jul 18 05:56:51 EDT 2002

From: Jeff Lowenfels A report on the system and perhaps a fix...

Hi Jeff
I have changed those settings.  I am in the habit of replying "reply to
sender" ,

on the BDnow list when I click the message up it has
 "from = (the sender)
"to = bdnow
ct list messages come up the same
"from = (the sender)
"to = compostteas
when I click reply to sender on bdnow
"from = me
"to = bdnow list
when I do this same thing on a ct message
from = me
"to = the original sender
if i click reply to all it comes up with the original sender plus the ct
list. Is this where all the double messages are coming from?? Is this setup
making it too easy to go one on one and not post replies to the list ?? Are
our reply to sender messages making it onto the list??

I think Allan Balliet has a trick figured out that you should talk to him
Hope i am not being a pain
Lloyd Charles

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