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William Kruidenier williamk at carolina.rr.com
Tue Jul 16 12:22:54 EDT 2002

Thanks Lloyd -- I thought you were reading the tea on the refractometer
looking for some kind of information. Thanks for clarifying. I have
communicated with Jon Rowley who has tested BRIX levels in the Interbay
P-Patch garden in Seattle for several years and gotten gradually increasing
levels through composting. They gave up on CT in favor of composting. Please
report any BRIX increases in your crops as a result of CT use.


William K.

Sorry to have caused confusion over this
I will do a small test plot of tea sprayed out on some crop then measure
the brix reading of the crop - looking for a decent increase - if I got a
decrease of brix then its back to the drawing board - no way am I gonna use
it like that.
Lloyd Charles

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