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<< So, if you want to talk about chromas, we should form a thread about that.
Could we start a thread that calls itself "BD CHROMA", and keep on with the
filter paper thread as something separate? >>

I don't know why my computer sent out the mail before I had a chance to write 
my message.

Chroma I understand.  What does BD stand for?  I don't think ferric sulfate 
is toxic, or polluting in small quantities.  The thing I read before said 
iron sulfate, which could be ferrous sulfate.  Relatively harmless also.  ???

I'd like to experiment with filter paper, after I save up enough money to get 
my tea-maker.  A drop on the paper, or dip a strip.  Not coffee filters 
probably, although if some consistent results come with filter paper, a 
comparison could be made.  I wonder if the unbleached coffee filters would 
work any better.  The scale I think of would be compostable, (compostible?) 
Non-polluting.  Maybe later.  I've got nothing to work with right now.  

Haven't quit thinking about forests, either.

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