[Compostteas] Re: powdery mildew

Jaszewski, Thomas tomjasz at mirage.com
Fri Jul 12 09:22:06 EDT 2002

I have sprayed my vineyard with CT since the beginning of the season. A few
days ago we noticed some powdery mildew. Not alot but some. 

Any suggestions as to whether the tea should be more fungal or bacterial to
protect the vines against powdery ? 

Should there be a waiting period, and if so how long, prior to applying CT
after using sulfur or Bordeaux ? 

Laura Sabourin
Feast of Fields Inc
Demeter Certified Vineyard & Farm  


Before we started using CT we treated powdery mildew with AQ-10 (Amperomyces

Since brewing CT we have achieved better visual results with CT. Our CT has
been bacterial. We have seen better control as when CT has better fungal

Perhaps SFI can address waiting periods with sulfur or Bordeaux.


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