[Compostteas] two items

Jeff Lowenfels jeff at gardener.com
Sun Jul 7 20:12:40 EDT 2002


Thanks for the reference to Dinos on HGTV. She is way off base on two
accounts. She isn't making compost tea and she believes she is adding b-12
by applying her mix. Sill on both accounts.  If folks have time, it is worth
sending a message to HGTV that she is not on the mark.

Next, you ask about temperatures. The testing lab is the only one that can
really answer that for you.

Finally, you asked if you should test your soil before your teas.  I think
you should, afterall what you put into your brewer is essentially what you
get out of it. Know what is missing and you can add nutrients and it always
helps to know if you have good compost or soils.


Jeff L

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