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Peter Masasso kanakzac at yahoo.com.au
Tue Aug 27 21:26:59 EDT 2002

Morning all 

my name is peter i work with fertilisers and microbes and dont get much sleep due to the amount we dont know and the amazing resuls our clients have been getting - amazing little buggers they are.

still we trial lots and it is very exciting and rewarding to offer alternatives to massive amounts of mined/refined fertiliser inputs. but first some house keeping 

ive cut and pasted and removed html garble from the messages ive received and have a workable word document summary of the posted q & a in vol 1 from post 1 to 80 something - this is intellectual propery - yours - and i wish to return it to you guys and hopefully it will be made available to visitors to your site (or at a charge thats up to you)

secondly ive got more info on chlorination to add to that already sent will do that in the next 2 weeks hopefully

thirdly i write things by numbers and as a result have poor grammar for which i apologise

fourthly i am very dissappointed with the approach put forward regarding compost tea use and organic agriculture and do not want to see it happen here in oz so any recommendationbs anyone has would be be truly appreciated 

fifthly water isnt water and that is an imporant ingreient in brewing - see work done by prof emoto on crystalisation of diff water sources am still waiting for a book about it and havent heard him speak but also very interesting, biodynamics should also be viewed as an important tool in brewing too well thats it back to work take care all 

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