[Community_studios] Weekly Update, My Foot . . . .

tom poe tompoe at amihost.com
Tue Mar 9 22:59:39 EST 2004

Hi, Everyone:  Well, OK, so our weekly updates are sort of sporadic. 
Anyway, here's something you can think about. 


List your next gig, or schedule here, as well as on your home page. 
What I'll do to make it easy, is, if you let me know you want us to add
your performance schedule, I'll visit your site and pull the info and
post it for you.  One can never have too much exposure, right? 

We have some, but by no means, everyone responding with a yes or no to
participate in a Commemorative CD project.  If you want to be included,
you really need to take the time to send an email with a YES, and here's
the song I want to contribute.  Or, NO, leave me out.  Please show us a
courtesy response on this request, please.  If you have questions,
check: www.ibiblio.org/studioforrecording/phpbb/phpBB2/ and look for the
discussion on Commemorative CD, or send me an email, and ask for
personal explanation. 
thanks, and hope you are looking forward with anticipation to next week,
Tom Poe 

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