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tom poe tompoe at amihost.com
Wed Mar 3 00:18:37 EST 2004

Hi, Bill:  Nice to meet you on the Internet.  Actually, we disagree on
your view that you're more important to artists and musicians now than
before.  Unless, of course, there's changes being made in how your
agency and the others intend to do business in the future.

How would you react to the suggestion that your agency develop a policy
of working with artists and musicians through their Fan Clubs?  Possibly
entering into personal service contracts with them?
Tom Poe

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 20:44, bthomas at ascap.com wrote:
> Dear Tom:
> Thanks for your message.  Well, I only speak for ASCAP's 175,000
> songwriter, composer and music publisher members, not for those who are
> represented by BMI or SESAC.  I think that your view is pretty distorted,
> with all due respect.
> Take a few minutes and look at our website, www.ascap.com, as well as the
> BMI and SESAC sites. I think that you will get a good sense of why we
> exist, and what ASCAP does that helps not only our members, but our
> customers as well.   If anything, we need ASCAP more now than ever.
> For what it is worth, the Girl Scout Camps pay $1.00 per camp per year.
> ASCAP cofounder Irving Berlin donated the ASCAP royalties to "God Bless
> America" to the Boy Scouts of America many years ago.  The Scouts have done
> just fine by ASCAP, and I say that as a former Eagle Scout.
> Best regards,
> Bill Thomas
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