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Yes, Tom, That's exactly what we need.....it's also what I incorporated in my business plan.  Jag Productions, if I can bundle up the money to get this thing off the ground, will
be launching pad for "ALL" the great ideas we all would like to see become a reality.  It
will definately be a home for the independents to launch their careers, just as if they were signed to a big time record lable....in essence, they will be signed to a big time lable, ours, but under the new public licenses, and under our control, not the RIAA.  I've incorporated not only the recording facility, but a home base for career development including website marketing, cd and video manurfacturing, all at the quality level of not only internet and on-line venues, but able to be placed on public radio and television....believe me, they'll want us, and under our terms.  The whole trick to this thing, is to get in full flight showing the RIAA that "hey, you know what, we don't need you.  We have all you have to offer and then some."  That's what I'd like to see from JAG Productions, .....a new model for this industry,  and we can do it if we all work together and pull together.   You would be surprised what word of mouth can accomplish in this industry.  I've got local bands
 lining up and I haven't even finished the paperwork yet.  So I know we can make it fly....keep tight and close contact with me.  The artists are there, and the market is waiting, we just need the facility to get them doing what we do best.  I've even incorporated our own showcase concert hall.  It's incredible, we need to lift it all off the what if stage, and get it to the, here it is stage..Take Care.  Let me know some feedback...pass out my e-mail address, let me talk and hear from others involved....Get me letters of endorsement, like I have been collecting from local bands and independent artists,  let's take a stand and begin to march, very hard, and in numbers.  The RIAA is very afraid, now's the time to change things, before they do it first.........It's OUR industry.

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1. looking for ideas, again (tom poe)


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Date: 29 Feb 2004 10:45:55 -0800
From: tom poe 
Subject: [Community_studios] looking for ideas, again
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I am wondering what you folks think about something like this:

What I'm searching for, is a rock that musicians can hang their hat on. 
It's a commitment to using the Internet in all its promise of fame and
glory, without the RIAA or performance rights organizations. Total
rejection of the past, and embracing the new. The idea is, if we gather
hundreds of thousands of Tagged Musicians, and they all sign up for
sites that also list RIAA musicians, wonder what the RIAA will do?

My thinking is, if this were to be a viable idea, then the next step is
to find it a home. We have organizations like eff.org and public
knowledge.org and archive.org and commoncontent.org and then we have
organizations that are already trying to create that rock, like
webcastersalliance.org and indiemusic.org and DJ'sareus.org and then we
have stations like bNgradio.com and radioaid.com and Lucas' Webjay.com 

If this "master" list of tagged musicians is maintained properly, it
provides a means for all organizations/sites that want to "seed" their
sites/organizations for musicians and artists that provide one or more
songs to be shared over the Internet. 

The other way to get to the same point, is to develop a RSS file that
all sites can use to contribute musicians and artists on their site to a
search criteria and the musicians and artists can be collected across
the internet. If such a "master" list is already capable of being
assembled, with name, web site, and email address, where is it?

Hope you can clear up my confusion.


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