[Community_studios] Re: ccpublisher question and holiday greetings

Jeff Shippen jeffshippen at bluebottle.com
Sun Dec 26 17:55:28 EST 2004

I am Jeff Shippen from Sparks, Nevada.  I recently joined this list 
after I read an article online about Open Studios being in Reno.  To 
whom it may concern, I would like to help contribute!  A recent and 
current website project of mine is to help promote bands in the Reno 
Sparks area.  If you are interested, you can see a preview of it at 

How can I help Open Studios of Reno?
Well, the bands/artists can be placed on the above website, along with 
full song/album hosting in ogg, flac, and/or ape formats.  This is my 
own sever and I am not worried about Hard Disc space used.

In case the following services are needed, here's a small list of what I 
can do:
Audio & Image Editing
Web Design
Web Hosting

FYI I have Linux and Windows, my web server is on GNU/Linux using Apache.

I'm always looking for fellow Linux fans to chat with, and teach each 
other our know-hows of GNU/Linux.
Another FYI, I will be out of town between Jan 4th and 14th.

Hope to help!
Jeff Shippen

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