[Community_studios] Re: ccpublisher question and holiday greetings

Nathan R. Yergler nathan at yergler.net
Sun Dec 26 07:17:06 EST 2004


ccPublisher is already Open Source.  You can download the sources from 
CVS at SourceForge.net.  We will also be providing a Linux build 
(probably RPM initially) soon after 1.0 is released.  We're down to one 
bug that's blocking 1.0, so I'm hopeful for a 1.0 and Linux build in the 
next couple of weeks.

Thanks for your interest in ccPublisher, and please let me know if you 
have any feedback or suggestions.

Nathan R. Yergler
Software Engineer
Creative Commons

tom poe wrote:

>Hi, Nathan:  Happy Holidays to you.
>Will you be providing an Open Source/Linux/Unix version of ccpublisher? 
>If so, we could build on what you've done, in order to spread the word
>and encourage Independent Artists to seek out your application and use
>it for their work.
>Happy New Year,
>Tom Poe
>Open Studios
>Reno, NV, USA

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