[Community_studios] xmas gift update

tom poe tompoe at amihost.com
Tue Dec 7 13:28:29 EST 2004

Went to the post office this morning (yesterday was too crowded), and my
timing was exquisite.  Two people in line.

Xmas gifts are on their way.  What was interesting, was, I was handled
by a trainee with a senior postal clerk supporting.  As a result, I
discovered a way to track mail as far as customs to each country, India,
and the Congo.  Maria, in Uganda, hasn't received a t-shirt sent to her
in August? I think.  So, I can redo that task, and try again, only this
time, I can track to customs, and maybe beyond.  Amazing what happens
when you ask the post office people the same question enough times, eh?

The networkforgood.org snafu sits with an email last week indicating
they were reissuing the check from Francis Brock, but haven't received
it as yet.  I think we should be back at square one, ready to institute
electronic transfer this month, though.  They've pretty much gotten our
account under control, maybe?

Well, that's where we stand.  Business plans to the Board, and . . . .
Bryan Mittons in Havre de Grace wanted one as well.  His will go out in
the next few days.  If I missed a topic, let me know.
Happy Holidays,

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