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tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
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Doc:  Update below.  Need your expert advice, here.

This BlogBox thing with Sheila could be a real interesting test of the world 
community vs. the corporate robber barons.  If we coordinate a strategy that 
does two things.  One, gets the word out, and gets the right BlogBox design, 
and Two, connects a manufacturer, big or small, that makes these things.  In 
India, they pooled resources, and over time, built their own $200 unit, 
called the Simputer.  It's pretty close to reality at this point.  The 
BlogBox looks like a similar product.  With that then, what is your opinion 
about spreading the word?  Ooops, just occurred to me, I need to add the 
hyperlink for where THE BIG LETTER came from.  Gotta go!  <grin>


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Subject: Re: Blogging power to the people
Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 20:36:02 -0400
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Hi, Tom,

Nice that it's Sunday night and no work tomorrow!

I'm relieved and pleased we're on the same pagem but not surprised.

BlogBox is a catchy name for an easy communications computer --  those
who like their language dry could call it EZComCom. (:

Part of it is a standalone browser with the usual plugins, part's an
email client, part's a publishing tool with a built-in login to a
newcomers' blog, part's a choice of isp/telecom accounts, part's a
glorified pager thingy, a big part is an easy manual titled, "Let's
start here" (my carpenter's suggestion) and part's a laptop box!

We can certainly invite anyone you or any of the invitees recommends --
 I have no connections, being out here on the way east coast in
Providence. I only bumped into Doc and Dave a few weeks ago, and both
are extending a welcome to the "journalist bloggers."

What I can bring to this.
1) An ability to communicate the issues to people who know nothing of
technology (lots of years of writing headlines helps,  and most of my
friends and colleagues are in the population we're trying to reach.
2) Because I work for the mainstream media, when I call the White House
they call me back. That might come in handy.
3) A memory of a "beginner's mind" -- I remember when Save made sense,
but Save as... sure didn't! This makes me eager to be part of the
software interface design. I have lots of virgins to try it out on, too.
4) I was on the board of the Ocean State Free-net for a while. Those
Free-Nets that have survived are natural online centers of distribution
for all this. They're also usually based in library systems or
universities, and have political clout for neighborhood organizing.

I'm going to a barbecue tomorrow that will reunite the old bbs
community, and I'll float it there. (Yes, it's all done at barbecues.)

Why don't you host the list?


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