[Community_studios] BPDG lets the "snake out of the bag" . . . . .

tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
Thu May 23 19:40:33 EDT 2002

Hi:  Cory Doctorow, marketing consultant extraordinaire, has filed this piece 
for our reading pleasure:


"The report shows that this ADC regulation is part of a larger agenda. The 
first piece of that agenda, a mandate that would give Hollywood a veto over 
digital television technology, is weeks away from coming to fruition. 
Hollywood also proposes a radical redesign of the Internet to assist in 
controlling the distribution of copyrighted works."
- - - -another:
"This three-part agenda -- controlling digital media devices, controlling 
analog converters, controlling the Internet -- is a frightening peek at 
Hollywood's vision of the future."
- - - and more:
"If ADCs [contained in all digital devices to convert analog to digital] are 
constrained from performing analog-to-digital conversion of all watermarked 
copyrighted works, you might end up with a cellphone that switches itself off 
when you get within range of the copyrighted music on your stereo; a 
camcorder that refuses to store your child's first steps because he is taking 
them within eyeshot of a television playing a copyrighted cartoon; a camera 
that won't snap your holiday moments if they take place against the 
copyrighted backdrop of a chain store such as Starbucks, which forbids 
on-premises photography because its fixtures are proprietary works."
- - - - - Go Read It!
He talks about what this means, this "outlawing" of ADC's.  You see, if ADC's 
are interchangeable, that means those found in scientific equipment also 
"have to be sacrificed", for who knows, if one of those ADC's is removed and 
placed in someone's entertainment device, the whole Entertainment Industry 
will collapse!  Right?

A marvelous, succinct, informative, realistic picture of what the BPDG is 

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