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tom poe tompoe at renonevada.net
Mon May 13 22:52:06 EDT 2002

Hi:  Well, my money is on our boy, andy, not having the faintest clue as to 
what the CBDTPA does to Open Source, and Bradley's message probably prompted 
him to check with the home office IT folks, and all h$%^& broke loose.  <grin>

Well, bottom line, is, that no matter what they do in the next three days, 
they have to go with what they've got, and let someone else clean up the 
Hollywood mess down the road.  So much for the cuntent folks, eh?

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Subject: BPDG: New schdule
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 19:02:38 -0700
From: "Andy Setos" <andys at fox.com>
To: <bpdg-tech at list.lmicp.com>

"Andy Setos" <andys at fox.com>
Dear participants,

Given the understandable concerns that have been expressed regarding the
BPDG schedule, and in order to allow ample time for consideration of input
to the co-chairs report, as well as review of revised documents for
consistency, correct incorporation of comments, etc., the following revised
schedule is proposed.  Note that since deadlines previously proposed for the
10th and 15th are proposed to be moved out to the 17th and 24th, an
additional brief comment/revision cycle based on the 5/11 draft is proposed
to be inserted as shown.

Wednesday 5/15:
Deadline for comments/input regarding the revised requirements draft
circulated on 5/11.
This could include comments regarding overall consistency, correct
incorporation of previous comments, and proposals for previously discussed
items (i.e. provisions regarding modulated outputs, and a proposed handling
of Table A in response to previous Table A proposals).

Friday 5/17:
Circulation of draft co-chairs report, along with proposed attachments
(updated compliance and robustness requirements, Table A criteria proposals,

Friday 5/24:
Deadline for comments on 5/17 circulations.

Friday 5/31:
Circulation of final report.

Thanks in advance for your patience and consideration as we all work to
conclude this effort.

BPDG Co-chairs


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