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Hi:  Yochi J. Dreazen and Stephanie Steizer are apparently two of the poorest 
journalists in America at this point.  Had they visited 
at any point, they would have been obligated to do further research before 
publishing such false and misleading information. It is now some two weeks or 
more later, and no retraction, no clarification of the issues, and no 
understanding of what this means to journalists in a free society. Shame on 
them both.  Shame on their editor[s], and shame on the WSJ.
Tom Poe
Reno, NV

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> http://online.wsj.com/article_print/0,4287,SB1019779375174781800,00.html
> Pact Is Reached to Stop Pirating Of Digital TV Over the
> Internet
> Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
> April 26, 2002
> WASHINGTON -- Representatives from the entertainment and
> consumer-electronics industries told lawmakers that they
> have agreed on a system to keep digital television
> broadcasts from being pirated over the Internet.
> The agreement resolves a dispute that has contributed to the
> slow rollout of digital television.
> Top executives from content companies, including AOL Time
> Warner Inc., and TV makers such as Panasonic/Matsushita
> Electric Corp. of America told a House Energy and Commerce
> Committee panel that they had agreed on technical standards
> for a new "watermark." The watermark would be embedded in
> all digital TV broadcasts, and TVs, computers and other
> devices would be designed to play only materials with the
> watermark.
> The executives said they planned to release the technical
> details of the agreement on May 17, at which time they would
> ask Congress to pass legislation ratifying the standards.
> "There are many issues that are basically solved" concerning
> the watermark, said Paul Liao, chief technology officer for
> Panasonic's American operations.
> The executives conceded that they remained far apart on a
> range of other digital copyright issues, including the
> nettlesome questions of how to prevent music and movies from
> being illegally distributed over the Internet and how to
> stop viewers from making and sharing digital copies of
> analog TV broadcasts.
> Still, resolving the digital-TV question is an important
> milestone that could boost the popularity of the highly
> touted technology, which has yet to catch on with the
> public.
> Broadcasters are supposed to convert all of their signals to
> digital, but that transition has been slowed by piracy
> concerns, the high cost of digital equipment and a paucity
> of digital content.
> News Corp. President Peter Chernin said that the watermark
> question was the "single biggest issue" slowing the spread
> of digital television, and predicted that the agreement
> would "rapidly speed up this transition."
> Parts of the agreement remain controversial. Lawrence
> Blanford, the chief executive of Philips Consumer
> Electronics North America, said that Congress should set the
> standards itself to ensure that consumers' rights to record
> digital television broadcasts and make copies for their own
> legal use were protected. Most lawmakers, however, said they
> preferred to ratify agreements developed by the private
> sector.
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