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Erik Sliman Erik.Sliman at OpenStandards.net
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I have loved the EFF since its inception.  You are so right.  What do they
is great.  They have had a positive impact that already has ensured a
different Internet for us today.

I fear even they cannot respond strongly enough to every issue clarifying
itself today.  They are a voice giving vocal and legal representation to the
people for some of the most critical issues today.

Organizations such as the EFF can vocalize their support for the Union of
Free People, along with other lone entities, under one unifying umbrella.
They will continue under their own identity, organizations and directives,
yet carry the backbone of a unifying identity with the clear purpose of
representing the people, and the power to make it happen.

Such a force can span all the continents, all languages, all people.  It can
become as popular as the Internet is today.

In addition to declaring their political party, every politician will have
to declare whether or not they support the principles of the Union of Free
People.  If they oppose the people, they will have to give account, publicly
isolating themselves from the people in a publicly obvious manner.  Contrast
that to today, where with a few sentences they can justify the most hideous
anti-people law while claiming to do it because they care about us.  This is
possible because the voice of the people is not clear.  Sure, you and I hear
it; but, without a unifying voice, does everyone else hear it?

I want to see some real teeth.  Talking about boycotting is one thing.
Doing it is another.  The people need to be unionized.  We need to band
together, stick together, and do what is necessary to secure freedom.

In the end, we should not have to spend all of our time in the courtroom
fighting to undo what our legislatures and corporations did, which, God
bless the EFF, they have been doing for us.  Rather, they should be
consulting us before they even consider anything new!  When our so called
"representatives" know that they will only get re-elected when they have the
support of the people, and the corporations know they will lose revenues
without it, the people will be in control.  I do not see any organization
today likely to put those in power accountable to the people.



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Hi:  Well put.  We have an organization that may well satisfy most of the
criteria, in place.  In fact, there may be several.  I recommend we all
stand behind EFF.ORG [ http://www.eff.org/ ], make a commitment of $10
each, and stay on their butts until this thing gets done right!  Eric,
join, and find out how you can help. And, after you reach the $65 mark,
you get a T-shirt.  What needs to be done, is to get other stuff out there
as well, as you said.
Tom Poe
Reno, NV

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