[Community_studios] RE: [DMCA_Discuss] Canada's on a roll - - - take back the Internet!

tompoe tompoe at renonevada.net
Thu May 9 21:34:33 EDT 2002

Hi:  Well put.  We have an organization that may well satisfy most of the
criteria, in place.  In fact, there may be several.  I recommend we all
stand behind EFF.ORG [ http://www.eff.org/ ], make a commitment of $10
each, and stay on their butts until this thing gets done right!  Eric,
join, and find out how you can help. And, after you reach the $65 mark,
you get a T-shirt.  What needs to be done, is to get other stuff out there
as well, as you said.
Tom Poe
Reno, NV

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