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Erik Sliman Erik.Sliman at OpenStandards.net
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The problem is clear to some of us.  I'd like to hear more about the
solution.  How about:

1> We create a set of principles the majority of us can stand behind,
designed to defend the people.  These principles should summarize the
current relationship between corporations, the government and the poeple,
looking a bit like an upside down triangle, with the people at the bottom.
They should be focussed on turning the triangle, so the people are at top,
and the governments and corporations are at the bottom.  They are here for
us, not us for them.  We the people need to be represented.

2> We create a campaign with an identity designed around these principles.
Everyone everywhere can join, using the logos and IDs we espouse.

3> We create our own committees and strategize to reach our objectives.  How
do we turn the triangle?

4> Committees create directives.  We follow the directives, resulting in
carrots (vote yes for Representative Onourside, publicly support, etc,...),
and sticks (boycott, voice opinion, vote no, etc,...).

5> We the people create a better world for our children.  From here on
forward, all corporations and government representatives or organizations
will be held ACCOUNTABLE!

What do you think?

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Hi:  This reported by internet.com:
"The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
is winning a courtroom brawl against providers ranging from incumbent
telephone carriers to mom-and-pop ISPs over Tariff 22, a piece of
legislation that would charge service providers for music stored in
caching servers and open the door for even more fees down the road by
other industry organizations."

Now, are you convinced this is an orchestrated assault on personal
freedoms around the world, along with a deliberate design to "takeover"
the Internet?  No?  Well, OK, I'll wait.
Tom Poe
Reno, NV



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