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Hi: Thanks for the plug.
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>if a person makes a clay sculpture, and then from that casts a bronze
> and
>sells it . . . should the buyer be able to make as many reproductions as
>desired and sell them (without permission)?

and the buyer has the right to know the truth about
where the idea originated from.
This is what i call author right :)

>if a person makes a painting, should you be permitted to take a picture
> of
>that painting and then to sell coffee mugs with a reproduction of that
>painting (without permission)?

and if the buyer asks where that nice painting came from, one should
tell the truth

>if I write a novel, should you be permitted to sell copies of my novel
>without my permission? to make a screenplay without my permission?

Yes, simply noone is allowed to lie about who the author is

> Should
>Disney be able to use my novel to create a new animated work without my
and this is what Free Software means when source code is free (read as freedom )
to be used by everyone. Someone called this extreme capitalism and i much agree with it
because free here means free competition from the very top to the very bottom

>It appears that your answer to these is "yes", but I want to be certain
> that
>I do not misunderstand or misrepresent you.
This is the way i feel, dont no about the others.
And when one talks about globalization i understand it as free competition
from the very top to the very bottom when everyone is allowed to compete
on all the materials available. The way corporations understand globalization is
that their services are globalized but still protected from free competition -
and this is not the way I understand globalization

Now if you ask me why the answer to the questions above is always "Yes" then
i must tell you - free competition removes corruption and laziness:
Instead of charging Disney for using your work,
You should go and  compete on equal basis with all those Disneys...
Why dont you go and create new animated works based on your novel yourself ?
If you have no time to do it yourself then why do you want to restrict others in doing it ?
If you have no enough resources to do it then why don't you cooperate with people
who would like to see and enjoy the work, why dont you cooperate with people who
would go to see the work in the cinemas.
This is what studioforrecording is trying to make - to bring producers and customers together
so they produce together what is really needed, what has real (not imaginary, inflated by advertisement) demand

And this is the answer to Anatoly's question - how to reward authors ? -
bring authors and readers together so that the readers reward authors during the process of creation.  And the precondition for it is <Instant Messaging> (connectivity only inet can provide)
while in progress of creating the art-work and <Instant Accounting> among all the interested in it.
De Bug
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