[Community_studios] Re: [DMCA_Discuss] Copyright is essentially wrong (I'm surprised no one's mentioned this from today's)

Anatoly Volynets anatoly at total-knowledge.com
Sat May 4 16:20:52 EDT 2002

On Thursday 02 May 2002 11:22 am, tom poe wrote:
> Hi:  My understanding of this concept, is that if we create a
> transformative work, it must be "approved" by the original copyright
> holder.  Or, the work has to wait until the copyright is ended.  Since we
> all agree [I hope], that all works are based on previous knowledge and
> experience, i.e., from ideas and expressions that came before, it flies in
> the face of advancement to think copyrights are deserving of "life unto
> perpetuity".  Under our present system, Shakespear can sit and wait for
> what, maybe another 150 years, and then publish his "original" work?

Why Shakespear should sit and wait even one sec? It is wrong. Period


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