[Community_studios] Re: [seul-edu] Beyond awareness... moving towards migration!

tompoe tompoe at aether.raven.cxm
Fri May 3 16:58:46 EDT 2002

Hi:  I say YES, YES, YES to Jim's suggestion for spreading the word.
Tom Poe
Reno, NV

On Fri, 3 May 2002 jam at McQuil.Com wrote:

> I think that Paul's message presents an interesting issue.
> Microsoft came down hard on the Portland area schools, just
> as they do everywhere.
> Then, when they saw the reaction, they went into damage control
> mode and swung the other way, giving the schools ample time to
> address the audit issue.
> What I don't think they realize is that it is inevitable that
> the schools are switching to Linux, and Microsoft just gave
> the schools a little breathing room to do it right.
> Do we really want to get this message widespread ?
> Maybe we do, maybe we don't, but it certainly is interesting
> to think about.>
> Jim McQuillan
> jam at Ltsp.org

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