[Community_studios] Re: [DMCA_Discuss] Copyright is essentially wrong (I'm surprised no one's mentioned this from today's)

Simon Drabble simon at eskimo.com
Fri May 3 08:28:48 EDT 2002

On Thu, 2 May 2002, Alex wrote:

> How many more years until Mickey Mouse becomes Public Domain? We'll screw
> Disney back!   8^)
> Alex Heizer
> http://www.synchcorp.com/alex
> http://www.synchcorp.com/alexheizer

Yeah, good luck with that. Wasn't The Rat about to become PD, and then Disney
bought a nice copyright extension from Sonny Bonio (who I believe was
actually Disney's first attempt at a working animatronic robot)? 

A more effective plan would be to convince everyone to boycott Disney -- good
luck with that one too. Have you noticed how Disney release one version of a
movie on DVD, then three months later the "special edition"? and people buy
both! or how they release the widescreen edition on one DVD, and the standard
edition on another, and guess what -- people buy both!

I'd provide links for these but I'm late for work. I'm sure a quick google
would turn up some interesting info though.


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